Frequently Asked Questions

“I submitted an application, but I haven't heard anything from anyone.”

We do our best to reach out to every family that applies on our website.  However, this website is controlled/run by an individual that also runs two full-time childcare homes.  We attempt to send a "confirmation email" to each new applicant.  If you don't hear from us, don't hesitate to contact 
Rachael McCracken (rachaelsdaycare@sbcglobal.net).  

Also, if all of our providers are full with no-openings, it is possible that no one will contact you.  We have wonderful daycare homes in our Association.  These high-quality homes tend to remain full most of the time.  This limits the number of openings  available and when you consider that at times we receive 10 applications/week, the result is some people will not find a provider in our group.  

You can always contact the Association President with any questions:  
Rachael McCracken - rachaelsdaycare@sbcglobal.net

“What should I do when a daycare provider contacts me?”

I recommend conducting an over-the-phone interview.  Have some questions prepared that are "deal-breaker" questions.  This will help you eliminate providers that may not suit your needs.  Example:  Hours of Operation, Years in Business, Student/Teacher Ratio, etc...

“I have applied here, interviewed several people, and I am not finding what I want....what do I do?”

Have you tried searching the STATE website for a provider?  If not, click HERE.
Also, continue to check back with your "favorite providers"...even if they didn't have openings, you never know when something might open up.  Most importantly, don't give up.  With a little hard work, you will find a great provider!!

“Why aren't all of the "Childcare4u" providers licensed?”

Our Association recognizes the importance of ALL TYPES of providers.  No two providers are alike.  We welcome providers who follow the state guidelines and who strive to do their best.  Our Association offers support, ideas, leads, and encouragement to our members.  We also believe that it is the responsibility of the parent to research their providers to make sure they are following state regulations.

“Do you inspect providers before accepting them into the C4U Association?”

No.  We do check to see if they have any serious issues pending with the State of Indiana, but other than that we do not check out their background.  Again, we are more of a support-group type of Association.  We believe that the responsibility lies with parents to background check/research potential daycare providers.  If a parent ever has an issue with a provider, they can contact me:  Rachael McCracken, rachaelsdaycare@sbcglobal.net

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